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train trip in June

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I am sorry for your injury but at least it was at the end of the journey.  Mind the doctor and thank you for sharing your experiences!

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Thank you Don. And thank you for our very special day in San Antonio. One of these days, Bill will take you up on that offer of a cold Sapporo.

Thank you for sharing parts of your journey by train through out the US through your posts.  I look forward to more photos of the gardens you visited. 

So sorry to hear of your accident, I hope you heal soon and your ankle returns to good as new.


ahh, K.T.  travel n' trains lead to romance.... I warned you about hurting yourself by always falling for Bill..
  (get well quickly.., glad its not worse)       edzard

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Thank you June and Edzard.
Yes, falling for my guy all over again on our 40th anniversary. We had such fun, we're planning another train trip!
As for the ankle, Doc said Monday that bone is okay, tendons and ligaments still need more time. The giant boot cast is off and I have a lace up ankle brace with three Velcro straps to wear for the next three weeks. I am to start back to work slowly and meanwhile can catch up with more blog entries. Finished with Texas yesterday. Now on to St. Louis, Chicago, Denver.....


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