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train trip in June

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K.T. Cannon-Eger:
The learning curve continues! A little more than an month ago, I realized the binder of information I'd collected for this trip was too big and too heavy to carry in my backpack along with computer and camera gear. Reluctantly, I modernized to the new iPad. I love it! The entire travel binder is now a series of files in Dropbox available on the iPad PLUS my entire address book is being transferred PLUS I've got photos and books and a calendar and and and ...
Well, see the aforementioned "I love it!"
A few days ago, the next learning curve began with a WordPress blog.
You may follow the railroad odyssey at
We are almost done packing and get on the plane tomorrow morning. More soon.

See you soon!  Let me know if you need any resources here on JGO!

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Have I mentioned how MUCH we are enjoying this train trip? It's so amazing -- better than either my husband or I expected. The people are interesting, the food is good, the accommodations are comfortable, the windows are huge, and the attitude is uplifting. The motto for Amtrak is "Change the way you see the world." Yes.
I'm feeling two states and four gardens behind on blogging about all the wonderful gardens we are seeing. Tomorrow, we will be on the train and I'll plug in at the lounge car and try to get a little more done. Meanwhile, thanks, Don, for all the time you spent with us and for featuring the blog on the front page. Wow!

You and Bill were a delight.  It was like we were old friends!  Thank you for the honor of your visit.

Thank you both for sharing and I look forward to collaboration in the future!

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
For any who have been looking at the blog of our train adventures apologies for not posting recently. The day before the end of our trip I tripped on an uneven section of sidewalk in San Francisco and fractured my right ankle. Getting around with crutches now and should have the delayed cities posted soon: San Antonio, Austin, Ft. Worth, Dallas, St. Louis, Rockford, Glencoe, Chicago, Denver, Grand Junction, Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda and San Francisco.


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