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train trip in June

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K.T. Cannon-Eger:
My husband Bill and I, in making plans to attend our granddaughter's high school graduation in Atlanta Georgia, began planning a leisurely train trip back across the United States stopping along the way to see and photograph every Japanese garden we can. Generally we are on three rail lines: the Crescent Line, the Texas Eagle and the California Zephyr. Suggestions for contacts, hours, etc. desired for Birmingham Alabama, San Antonio Texas, Austin Texas. Is there a Japanese garden -- public or private -- in New Orleans? We already have contacts for Fort Worth Texas, St Louis Missouri, Chicago, Denver and the San Francisco Bay Area. Dates of travel are May28 through June 23. Many thanks in advance, K.T.

Hi K.T.  There is the Kumamoto En Sister City Japanese garden ( ) in San Antonio as well as a Pseudo-Japanese garden in the Sunken Gardens of Brackenridge Park ( ).  Austin has Zilker Park's Taniguchi Japanese Garden ( ), and of course Ft. Worth has a very nice Japanese Garden ( ).


K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Thank you Don. My husband and I look forward to meeting you in June.
I have been to the Fort Worth Japanese Garden before, but my husband hasn't.
I've also been to the Morikami in Delray Beach Florida, Anderson Japanese Gardens and nearby Rosecrance in Rockford Illinois, the Japanese garden at Chicago Botanic Garden, The Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego at Balboa Park, San Diego Tech Center, California Scenerio in Costa Mesa, the Huntington Botanic Gardens and Storrier-Stearns in Pasadena, UCLA-Hannah Carter in Bel Air California (now closed), and several others.
Some of the gardens along this journey will be new to both of us and some will be like visiting old friends.
Your resources are much appreciated. I'll go wandering around through them more right now.
In gassho,

Good. Let me know if you have questions.  Just returned from a planning meeting for events associated with the 25th anniversary of our sister city agreement with Kumamoto City.  We are trying to organize several events - perhaps one may be around the time of your visit!

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Thank you so much! Plans are developing day by day. We start in Atlanta after our granddaughter's graduation. Will stay at the old Hotel Nikko (Now Grand Hyatt Atlanta) to see the garden there and to visit the Japanese garden in the Atlanta Botanical Garden Saturday and Sunday May 26 and 27. On to Birmingham to visit the 7 1/2 acre garden in the Birmingham Botanical Garden May 29. Several days in New Orleans with its connection to Lafcadio Hearn. The garden in New Orleans, we read, was restored and expanded following Katrina's devastation. We arrive in San Antonio by train at 3 a.m. on Tuesday June 5 and will rent a car as soon as the car rental place opens at the airport. We have the whole day in San Antonio then proceed to our nephew's home in Austin where the Isamu Taniguchi garden awaits at the Zilker Botanical Garden. After more family visiting in Waco, we arrive in Fort Worth for the weekend June 8 & 9 to re-visit the 7 1/2 acre garden there plus I hope to visit with John Powell at his nursery. On to St. Louis for one day at Seiwa-en then several days in Chicago with side trips to Rockford and Glencoe re-visiting the Anderson and Chicago Botanic Garden. We have Sunday June 17 in Denver then on to Grand Junction and Telluride to visit my brother and see Shozan-en at the Western Colorado Botanical Society. We end up in the San Francisco Bay area with visits planned to Berkeley, Orinda, Oakland and other stops before returning home to Hawaii. Hope that gives you a better idea of our itinerary. Much aloha, KT


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