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Sukiya Living October Kyoto tour

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alan baucom:
I should add that Douglas and Tomeo were extremely helpfull with any questions and details one might need or ask about.  They both spend a couple of weeks before the tour actually going everywhere guests will go on the tour, and a couple of weeks after doing follow up at the places we visited; they do their homework.

By the way, there was one person from Sweden, a couple from B.C., and another couple from the U.K.  The rest of us were well representative of the Nothern tier states from coast to coast.

I was also on the October Sukiya Living Walking Tour of Kyoto and agree with everything Alan said. I kept an extensive blog, which I am currently updating and expanding. When I finish it, I'll post the link to it here, if anyone is interested.

Mary we would love to see the blog, thank you for the offer and welcome to the forum.


Mary, I would love to read your blog as well. It gets closer to us committing every day so we are starting to get real excited.

Hello, everyone.

Thank you for your kind words of welcome to this forum.

I have finally finished editing and adding photos to my blog from the Sukiya Living tour in October.  It was a much larger project than I expected, but it was a great way to relive the trip. You are welcome to read it.  If you have questions, or want specific information or more photos of any of the gardens we visited, please email me at that website, not here, as I may not check here often.

Go to:

I hope you can get a good sense of the trip from my blog.


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