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Annie and I have decided that we will probably go to Japan next spring.  JOJG/ Sukiya Living Magazine has their tour scheduled for Mid to end of May 2012.  This is roughly the time frame we would like to go.  Does anyone have experience with the JOJG Walking Tour of Kyoto?  If you are uncomfortable for posting a review here please feel free to PM me.  It looks like a lot of money on the surface but does include ground transportation and hotels.  The tour is mostly of Kyoto but we would probably go a bit early or stay a bit late as we would like to go to Hiroshima and Mt Fuji and they are not part of the JOJG. 



I have not had the privilege to participate in one of the Sukiya Living tours. I have, however, been to many of their pruning seminars.  Doug and Tamao are passionate about the garden experience, and I believe you will gain much from their informed perspective.  Someday, when our children are raised and finances allow, I hope they are still visiting and can include my wife and I.


Thanks James.  I have been receiving JOJG / Sukiya Living for many years so an opportunity to tour with them does seem like a good idea.  They are on tour in Kyoto right now I believe.  I would like to get an idea from someone on the pacing etc. of the tour.  I imagine they can get us in to a few spots that we would not get in to any other way.


One of my fellow volunteers at Portland Japanese Garden is on the tour in Japan now.  When he gets home I will try to get him to post his experience.

Thanks Terry.  That would be super.


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