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Where, how to purchase gomboy?

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Thought I read a reference on this site wrt purchase of a gomboy, through the site, or in a way that would benefit the site, but can't seem to find it now?  Need one mostly for pine pruning, also a bypass hand snip, possibly okatsune.  If I can buy in a way to benefit JGO I would like to do so.

Can someone tell me where is this info?



Stanton, is one source. It is owned by Jake Hobson in UK. I have done business with him and he has very good products and does ship to US. Jake is a forum member and supports the forum. is another source in Berkeley Calif. is a source for Okasune. They are located in Canby Oregon and have had very good prices on Okasune.
I have also had good results with Stone Lantern in your part of the country.


Thanks, used the link.

Saw, snips and book "Create your Japanese Garden".


K.T. Cannon-Eger:
I second the motion for Jake and Niwaki.

Also in California and on line is Hida Tool at



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