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Over 10,000 entries by enthusiasts around the world. The Japanese Garden Forum discussion boards include history, design & construction, maintenance, plants, stone, water, bamboo fences, structures, and more.

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Gardens in Japan features pictorial tours of historical temple, shrine, monastery and royal gardens in the Kyoto and Suizen-ji Park in Kumamoto, Japan. These include Katsura Rikyu, Shugaku-in, Ginkaku-ji, Kinkaku-ji, Nijo Castle, Daisen-in, Byodo-in, Heian Jingu, Kokedera, Kiyomizudera, Koto-in, Zuiho-in and others.

A list of Japanese gardening books, tools, & related items recommended & reviewed by the members of the Japanese Gardening Forum. Includes links to purchase from Amazon.com.

Japanese Gardening Events Calendar lists events relating to Japanese gardens. This is located in a tab near the top of the Forum index page. Check for events near you or add to the calendar here.

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Design Toolbox

First Light The Beauty of Japanese Gardens - Why are Japanese gardens so desirable? How do they affect our societies? These and other questions will be explored in this section.

In traditional Japanese homes, the Garden and Architecture are integrated. In this essay on Ka-tei, traditional Japanese carpenter, Chris Hall, offers an overview of the relationships between house and garden in traditional Japanese residential architecture.

Japanese Gardening Terms is a dynamic list of more than 150 Japanese gardening terms as used here.

Chaji, Formal Tea Gathering - The "Way of Tea" has a major influence on Japanese garden design. Elliot Mitchnick shares his knowledge and experiences in this 5 part description of a formal tea ceremony.  A companion Tea Words reference provides romaji and kanji for common tea terms as well as the English definition.

Japanese Garden Paths - Tea Master Elliot Mitchnick shares his love of Japanese Tea garden pathways in this article The Garden Path where he discusses the characteristics and usefulness of each type of path.

Pathway Photos - K.T. Canon Eger has posted dozens of pathway photos from around the world in the Japanese Gardening Organization Gallery Japanese Garden Pathways.

Japanese Garden Tools 

Japanese sawsJapanese Gardening Toolbox Basics Starting with the right Japanese gardening tools can save trouble later. Here are descriptions and reviews plus suggestions for a couple of basic tools.

Care and Feeding of Japanese Garden Tools Once you have a good start on your Japanese gardening toolbox, make sure you keep them in good shape, for you and your plants!

Making a Japanese Tripod Ladder Instructions on building a tripod ladder from oak lumber.

The Bamboo Broom Discover the joy and beauty of the Japanese bamboo broom in this how-to article.

Japanese Garden Plants 

black pine needlingSpring Training of Japanese Black Pine Maintainence of Japanese Black pines in the early spring months, including controlling growth by candle removal.

Fall Care of Japanese Black Pine Fall maintenance and clean-up. This includes needle removal and branch selection.

Japanese Maples - A Celebration of Nature!  Visualize the potential in a Japanese maple and make the best of it's features by observing nature.

Alternatives for Japanese Garden Plants A work in progress. We have started with a list of alternatives for Japanese garden plants suited to hot and dry climates.

Bamboo, Water & Stone

katsura fence constructionKatsura Bamboo Fences demonstrates how to construct this style of Japanese fence construction. This aticle starts with instructions and photos for the Katsura style fence.

Daimyo Bamboo Fence, or Shogun style fence starts with similar construction as in the Katsura fence.

Kennin-ji Bamboo Fences is created from split culms of green bamboo.

Yotsume-gaki Bamboo Fences are a popular bamboo fence and one of the easiest to build.

Japanese fence knot Want to learn how to tie the knots on a Japanese fence? Start with this video demonstration of an "Otoko musu" knot tied in slow motion.

Building the Tsukubai The special arrangement of chozubai stone basin and "role stones" based on tea ceremony procedures is known as "tsukubai". This article discusses the design, construction and selection of materials for the tsukubai.

Stone Lanterns A feature focusing on types of stone lantern, including history and placement information. There will be regular additions to this resource.

Moving Mountains This article describes the stone-setting process using a wooden tripod and hoist.


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An excellent introduction to Japanese gardens' history, theory, design and meaning. A serious gardening library should include this book.

These saws are used and highly praised by some Forum members. Easy-cutting, replaceable blade and comfortable handles.

Not a 'science' book, but a working tool, providing a framework for what may be done in North America by addressing what is done in Japan. Simply put, this book needs to be out in the garden working with you.

If you love Japanese maples, this book is a must-have. In its Fourth Addition, it features 600 descriptions with 500 photographs.

A guide to building traditional Japanese bamboo fences with diagrams of basic techniques of bamboo fence construction.

Marc Peter Keane describes the history, design, & aesthetics of tea gardens, from T'ang China to the present day, with photos, plans, & illustrations.

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